Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, december 2001

Plaats: London, UK
Urenco and Exelon met with the nuclear Regulatory Commision 5 dec
The Barseback-2 nuclear power reactor should not be closed 5 dec
Electronuclear has been authorised 5 dec
Russia and Ukraine are preparing an agreement 5 dec
The expected commercial operation dates for the Tarapur 3 and 4 5 dec
The auction of 82.2% of the ownership interests in the seabrook 5 dec
The future of the Lungmen nuclear power plant project 5 dec
US utility Exelon has reportedly been negotiating the first major purchase 5 dec
Electricite de France (EDF) and Framatome ANP dismissed recent reports 5 dec
Dismantling work at Tokai 1 5 dec
Over two-thirds of the Swiss population believes 5 dec
The court of appeal rejected a request 5 dec
The municipality of Oskarhammer has formally accepted 5 dec
The state of Nevada's congressional delegation is urging 5 dec
A nuclear district heating plant will be built 5 dec
The cost to state governments for protecting nuclear power plants 5 dec
Seven men were arrested attempting to sell 5 dec
European governments have subsidised the production12 dec
British Energy (BE) has reportedly offered to purchase12 dec
Cameco Corp has become the official operator of the Cigar Lake12 dec
Framatome ANP of France will supply Taiwan Power Co12 dec
A new federal programme is to be lauched that will boost nuclear12 dec
Legislation limiting the operating lifetime of Germany's 19 operating12 dec
The Philippsburg-2 nuclear power reactor has restarted12 dec
A comprehensive review of security measure at Entergy Corp's12 dec
Omaha Public Power Distric (OPPD) is to apply12 dec
Ukraine and Russia have signed an intergovernment agreement12 dec
13 nuclear power reactors have been identified12 dec
Exelon Corp is considering building a plant in the US12 dec
Ukrainian specialists involved in the closure of the Chernobyl12 dec
The first batch of vitrified high level radioactive waste12 dec
46 people were charged with trespass12 dec
The government will postpone a decision12 dec
South Africa and China are expected to sign12 dec
Electrabel SA will purchase Tractabel's 50% share12 dec
World uranium production is set to increase19 dec
Kazatomprom's annual uranium production19 dec
Some 80% of the Swedish population supports the continued use19 dec
A request to increase the generating capacity19 dec
Florida Power & and light has submitted a 20 year licence renewal application19 dec
Energy Northwest has decided to make one last attempt19 dec
Qinshan-2 reportedly achieved criticality for the first time19 dec
Fuel loading at the Ling Ao-1 nuclear power reactor was completed19 dec
Croatie an Slovenia have signed a formel agreement19 dec
Formal approval for the start of commercial operation of the Volgodonsk-119 dec
The Archangel region has been allocated 130 million roubles19 dec
British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL) started the first stage19 dec
Kansai Electric Power Co has suspended its orders19 dec
The state of Nevada has filed a lawsuit19 dec
Plans to merge the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI)19 dec
The Hanford Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF)19 dec
The US govenment has provided the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)19 dec
Spain is considering a late bid to host the proposed ITER19 dec
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