Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, september 2002

Plaats: London, UK
British Energy (BE) initiated discussions with the UK government 4 sep
The global nuclear power industry welcomed the successful conclusion 4 sep
Sweden: 51% of 18-35 year olds support the continued use of nuclear power 4 sep
Some 40 000 tonnes of ashland 1 FUSRAP 4 sep
Louisiana Energy Services (LES) announced that Hartsville 4 sep
Rosenergoatom plans to bring the Kalinin-3 4 sep
Two new nuclear power reactors are being planned 4 sep
The governor of Fukui prefecture, Yukio Kurita, said he will not 4 sep
The Paks nuclear plant is seeking an 8% power uprate 4 sep
The Advanced Passive 1000 (AP1000) reactor design 4 sep
Westinghouse Electric Co has won a US$68 million contract 4 sep
The People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) 4 sep
The Central African Republic (CAR) has signed a 99-year treaty...17 sepBBC News Online, 13 September
US: Enron Corp will offer Portland General Electric (PGE)...17 sepNucleonics Week, 5 September, p1; see also NB 01.09-17
US: A joint House-Senate conference committee...17 sepUx Weekly, 16 September, p3
Europe: The creation of common safety regulations...17 sepUx Weekly, 16 September, p4; see also NB 02.28-11
Lithuania: Legislators are considering a revised energy strategy...17 sepNucleonics Week, 5 September, p4; see also NB 02.28-11
Armenia: A new nuclear power plant could be contructed ...17 sepUx Weekly, 16 September, p5; see also NB 02.22-6
Russia intends to construct a neuton or fast breeder reactor...17 sepUx Weekly,16 September, p5; see also NB 00.20-11
Spain: The energy Infrastructure Plan...17 sepUx Eeekly, 16 September, p4; see also NB 02.36-8
US: Dominion Energy has signed a contract with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries...17 sepDominion, 12 September; Nikkei Weekly, 16 September, p 19
US: USEC Inc has received initial proposals from the states of Kentucky...17 sepNuclear Market Review, 13 September, p2; see also NB 02.26-3
Japan: Charges will not be filed against Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO)...17 sepNuclear Market Review, 13 September, p3; Ux Weekly,16 Sept..
UK: The returned shipment of five tonnes of mixed-oxide (MOX)...17 sepBNFL, 17 September; BBC News Online, 17 September; see also.
UK: British Energy (BE) is expected to seek an extension...17 sepNucNet Business News, 67/02, 16 September; s.a. NB 00.42-2
US: A five-year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement24 sepNucNet Business news, 70/02, 20 September; see also NB 02.26
The US should rejoin the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ...24 sepNucNet News, 297/02
Switzerland: In a referendum, voters in the canton of Nidwalden rejected ...24 sepNucNet News, 301/02, 23 September; see also NB 01.41- 17
Australia: Claims by Greenpeace abainst the granting...24 sepNucNet News, 298/02
India and Russia have signed three contracts worth US$1 billion...24 sepTimes of India Online, 23 September; see also NB 02.08-11
US: FirstEnergy Corp hopes to have its Davis-Besse nuclear power plant24 sepNuclear Market Review, 20 September, p3; see also NB 02.34-7
The Generation IV International Forum has agreed...24 sepNucNet News, 303/02, 23 September; see also NB 1.30-5
Nuclear electricity production in OECD countries is forecast...24 sepOECD-NEA, 13 September, see also NB 99.21-2
UK: Ministers have agreed in principle to extend for two months...24 sepDaily Telegraph, 21 September, p32
Japan: 'Systematic and inappropriate management ...24 sepJapan Times Online, 21 September; see also NB 02.36-1
UK: The returned shipment of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel from Japan24 sepBNFL, 17 September, see also NB 02.38-2
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) announced25 sep
Unit one of the Qinshan phase 3 site (Qinshan-4) reached criticality25 sep
A federal court has ruled that Cogema's licence operate25 sep
Increases in the nuclear fuel tax imposed25 sep
The ASN - the national nuclear safety authority - has formally requested25 sep
A plan to spend C$845 million (US$553 million) to refurbish25 sep
Bulgaria will not comply with the European Union's (EU'S) request25 sep
Teollisuuden Voima Oy (TVO) formally announced its requirements25 sep
Inspections that electric power companies conduct on their own plants25 sep
Chancellor Gerhard Schroder's Social Democrat party won re-election25 sep
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has been granted a licence25 sep
Fukushima prefecture has whitdrawnits preliminary consent25 sep
A proposal to introduce a 10-year 'moratorium' on reprocessing25 sep
The Department of Energy (DOE) cannot use money25 sep
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