Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, mei 2003

Plaats: London, UK
Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) resumed operation 7 mei
First criticality at the Qinshan-5 nuclear power reactor 7 mei
The cabinet approved a draft law 7 mei
A revised draft safety evaluation report on proposals 7 mei
If certain conditions are met, at least one new nuclear power reactor 7 mei
Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has been authorised 7 mei
Bruce Power announced that the restart of the Bruce A-4 7 mei
FirstEnergy will delay the planned restart of its Davis-Besse 7 mei
A consultant hired to help the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) 7 mei
A power uprate at Indiana/Michigan Power Co's Cook-2 7 mei
Switzerland's nuclear facilities maintained 'high safety levels' 7 mei
Kazakhstan's national nuclear company, Kazatomprom, has brought 7 mei
The operating licence of the Cernavoda-1 7 mei
An independent 'investigation' into the recent incident 7 mei
The Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) announced 7 mei
Denison Energy Inc has retained FirstEnergy Capital Corp 7 mei
National energy utility Slovenske Elektrarne (SE) 7 mei
Two anti-nuclear initiatives calling for the phase-out of nuclear energy14 mei
The Swedish population continues to strongly support the use of nuclear energy14 mei
Eight local governments have said they would allow Tokyo Electric Power14 mei
The Minnesota Senate approved a compromise bill that allows Xcel Energy14 mei
Entergy has been granted permission by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission14 mei
Electricte de France (EdF) has awarded Framatome ANP14 mei
It will cost almost US$2.4 billion to permanently shut down14 mei
The cost of reprocessing spent nuclear fuel at the Rokkasho-mura14 mei
The government announced that the proposed national repository14 mei
Bechtel SAIC Co has awarded Cogema Inc a US$29.7 million contract14 mei
The cost of meeting emission targets worldwide could be cut by up to 30%14 mei
North Sea oil and gas operations contribute more man-made radioactivity14 mei
The European Commission (EC) has agreed to designate a single European site14 mei
The Duma ratified the Moscow treaty14 mei
Construction of the country's eight nuclear-powered icebreaker14 mei
Belgium's nuclear phase-out law may be revoked21 mei
The Borssele nuclear power plant can operate until 201321 mei
Cogema of France issued a statement refuting recent media reports21 mei
The USA has invited the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)21 mei
Russia has responded to US pressure by telling Iran it will not supply nuclear f21 mei
Eskom has reaffirmed its support for the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor21 mei
Vattenfall plans to invest US$1.9billion over the next 15 years21 mei
A power uprate of 1.4% or 15 MWe at Entergy's Indian Point-221 mei
Tohoku Electric's Onagawa nuclear power plant was not damaged21 mei
The expansion of the Temelin nuclear power plant21 mei
An independent review of the recent incident21 mei
An eight-year extension to the operating licence of the Kozloduy-321 mei
A new law strengthening the country's existing nuclear legislation21 mei
Areva of France would construct a new nuclear power reactor21 mei
Posiva Oy has applied for a construction licence21 mei
The Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Program for the Russian Federation21 mei
World nuclear power generation in 2002 was about 2574 TWh29 mei
Production of uranium at US mines fell by 9%29 mei
Louisiana Energy Services (LES) wants several years to determine29 mei
There are no environmental impacts that would preclude licence renewal29 mei
No cracks in the remaining 56 bottom-mounted instrumentation nozzles29 mei
Bernard Lord, premier of New Brunswick province29 mei
The Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI) is expected29 mei
A US$466 million contract has been awarded29 mei
Minnesota's House and Senate have agreed on a version of a bill29 mei
The Private Fuel Storage (PFS) consortium is financially qualified29 mei
British Energy (BE) reported preliminary results29 mei
Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) reported financial results29 mei
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