Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, juli 2003

Plaats: London, UK
US: The termination of Bechtel Power Corp's contract... 1 julSpentFUEL, 21 July, p4
Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency 2 jul
Cameco Corp announced the resumption of production 2 jul
The Trousdale County Commission voted unanimously (17-0) in favour 2 jul
A limited liability company (LLC) called Fuelco 2 jul
The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) has completed 2 jul
Framatome ANP has signed a contract with Florida Power & Light 2 jul
A five-year life extension has been issued to the Kola-1 2 jul
The Metsamor-2 nuclear power reactor was scheduled to restart 2 jul
The Joyo experimental fast breeder reactor (FBR) has been restarted 2 jul
Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) is seeking permission 2 jul
BNFL Environmental Services has actively commissioned 2 jul
PSEG nuclear has presented plans to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission 2 jul
The UK government no longer intends to partially privatize 2 jul
Nuclear energy is the electricity with the least impact 9 jul
Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) received approval 9 jul
The federal District Court in Washigton, DC granted RWE Nukem 9 jul
A review of the environmental impacts of the in-situ acid leach 9 jul
Rio Tinto/ Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) are set to begin 9 jul
Louisiana Energy Services (LES) is still hoping to negotiate 9 jul
An amendment to the licence of Nuclear Fuel Services Inc (NFS) 9 jul
The Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) board of directors 9 jul
A 1.4% power uprate of the Kewaunee nuclear power plant 9 jul
Repairs to the South Texas-1 reactor vessel have been completed 9 jul
Extended tax incentives will be offered to nuclear power producers 9 jul
The authority of state regulators in Hesse to regulate the Biblis A 9 jul
A planned referendum on the island's fourth nuclear power plant 9 jul
Construction has started of an underground research facility 9 jul
A draft document on radioactive waste 9 jul
British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL) reported a pre-tax loss 9 jul
Dominion could be the first utility to submit16 jul
Electrabel anticipates receiving permission16 jul
The Ignalina nuclear power plant could be replaced16 jul
Southern Cross Resources Inc has completed a capital raising16 jul
WMC Resources has reported production of 764 tonnes16 jul
The Madras-2 reactor has restarted16 jul
The Euratom Treaty has been left untouced and seperate16 jul
The House of Representatives has passed an energy funding bill16 jul
The first batch of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel made from weapons plutonium16 jul
The gas centrifuge uranium enrichment technology16 jul
TEPCO's Kashiwazaki Kariwa-4 nuclear power16 jul
An advisory committee recommendation that closure of Kozloduy units 3 & 416 jul
A new public opinion poll16 jul
The Quantity and type of uranium compounds dispersed16 jul
The radioactive waste management organisation Nirex will be given independence16 jul
Domestic financial initiatives to assist completion of Khmelnitski-2 and Rovno-416 jul
Uranium production in the principal western countries...23 julFrechFUEL, 28 July, p1
US: The initial shipment of low-enriched uranium (LEU)...23 julFreshFUEL, 28 July, p4; Nuclear Energy Overview, 28 July, p6
Clarification to NB03.26-1323 jul
China: The 728 MWe Qinshan-5 CANDU nuclear power reactor...23 julUx Weekly, 28 July, p4; Nuclear Market Review, 25 July, p2
Russia: Rosenergoatom plans to invest almost R58 billion (US$2 billion)...23 julSpentFUEL, 28 July, p5
US: The restart of the nuclear Besse-Davis nuclear power plant...23 julNuclear Market Review, 25 July, p2; Ux Weekly, 28 July, p3..
Japan: Tokyo Electric Power Co's (TEPCO's) Kashiwazaki-Kariwa-4...23 julSpentFUEL, 28 July, p3; Ux Weekly, 28 July, p4
The majority of Taiwan's voters support the completion of the Lungmen...23 julUx Weekly, 28 July, p4
Hungary: Public acceptance of the Paks nuclear power plant...23 julNucleonics Week, 24 July, p11
US: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has released its final plan...23 julSpentFUEL, 28 July, p1; Nuclear Energy Overview, 28 July, p3
Canada: The operating licence for the Point Lepreau Solid Radioactive Waste...23 julSpentFUEL, 28 July, p2
Russia: A decree was signed on 11 July by Prime Minister...23 julNuclear Fuel, 21 July, p10
Romania: The opening of the first on-site spent fuel storage facility...23 julAECL, 28 July; Nuclearelactrica, 29 July
US: Nuclear power plants received the only 'A' in a security report...23 julNEI InfoWire, #03-10, 23 July
UK: The European Commission (EC) hes launched an investigation...23 julUx Weekly, 28 July, p4; Nucleonics Week, 24 July, p1;...
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has published30 jul
Energoatom has been placed under control30 jul
Australian uranium production for the first six months of 200330 jul
Usec Inc plans to submit an application for a licence to construct30 jul
Westinghouse has been awarded a contract to fabricate nuclear fuel30 jul
The South Texas-1 nuclear power reactor has received permission30 jul
American Electric Power (AEP) plans to replace the reactor vessel heads30 jul
FirstEnergy Corp has raised its projection30 jul
The Bruce A-4 nuclear power reactor will not be fully returned30 jul
In a preliminary judgment, the European Commission (EC) has found30 jul
A site on the island of Wido has been select30 jul
In a strategic move designed to send the energy bill to conference30 jul
CEZ of the Czech Republic has been given permission30 jul
The European Union (EU) is considering making alternations30 jul
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