Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, september 2004

Plaats: London, UK
The government has invited expressions of interest 1 sep
South Korea enriched nuclear material 1 sep
The Ranger uranium mine is progressively returning to full production 1 sep
Xcel Energy is to pursue renewal of the operating licences 1 sep
CMS Energy will seek a 20 year renewal of the operating licences 1 sep
Siemens Power Genaration has supplied three new low-pressure turbines 1 sep
In an effort to meet the country's rapidly growing energy needs 1 sep
Groundbreaking for phase 2 of the Lingao nuclear power plant 1 sep
Kansai Electric Power Co was scheduled to restart 1 sep
The decommissioning costs for the Humboldt Bay nuclear power plant 1 sep
The European Commission (EC) will take the UK to the European Court 1 sep
NAC International has submitted a licence application 1 sep
Two equity holders in British Energy (BE) 1 sep
Southern Cross Resources Inc has completed drilling testing 8 sep
A draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed 8 sep
Final Design Approval (FDA) for Westinghouse Electric Co's AP1000 8 sep
Texas Genco Holdings Inc has agreed to purchase a portion 8 sep
The government of Ontario is conducting negotiations with Bruce Power 8 sep
An extensive study of the country's long-term energy needs 8 sep
Slovenske Elektrarne (SE) plans to complete the Mochovce-3 and -4 8 sep
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL) will withdraw from bidding 8 sep
The European Commission (EC) has confirmed its intention to introduce 8 sep
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is meeting in Vienna 8 sep
South Korea has admitted that it extracted a small amount of plutonium 8 sep
The USA, South Korea and Japan have reportedly agreed to suspend work 8 sep
Thre future cost associated with nuclear power production in the USA15 sep
Nuclear power generation can be cost-competitive with coal15 sep
Rossing Uranium Ltd has delayed its investment proposal15 sep
Energy Resources of Australia Ltd (ERA) passed the first audit15 sep
Sedimentary Holdings, which acquired the Honeymoon lease in 199715 sep
Cameco Corp announced that some 200 hourly employees15 sep
An application to raise the combined power output of Indian Point-2 and -315 sep
The Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate (SKI) has begun reviewing15 sep
Plans for a 1GW high-voltage undersea transmission cable15 sep
The Tarapur-4 nuclear power reactor is expected to achieve initial criticality15 sep
The containment dome of the shut Maine Yankee nuclear power plant15 sep
The state of Nevada has filed a new lawsuit with the DC Court of Appeals15 sep
The deadline for applying to construct a radioactive waste storage15 sep
Enel of Italy has reportedly been selected as the preferred strategic investor15 sep
The average operating cost of US nuclear power plants22 sep
The uranium spot price has hit US$ 20 per pound U3O8 (US$ 52/kgU)22 sep
A listed exploration company - Havilah Resources22 sep
Denison Mines Inc has acquired a further 20.7% of the Midwest uranium22 sep
Southern Cross Resources Inc has raised C$ 1.225 million22 sep
The South Korea Resources Corporation22 sep
A shipment of 140 kg of weapons-grade plutonium22 sep
JNC and Pesco of Japan and Russia's Research Institute22 sep
Negotiations between the International Atomic Energy Agency22 sep
Defying an IAEA resolution, Iran has announced that it is ready22 sep
The country's Ministry of Science & Technology22 sep
The European Commission (EC) has approved the UK government22 sep
An agreement on cooperation in the safety review of the advanced22 sep
The 600 MWe Barseback-2 nuclear power reactor is set to close in 200525 sep
Paladin Resources Ltd believes it could start production29 sep
Western Prospector Group Ltd announced the acquisition29 sep
Uravan Minerals Inc has announced a program to conduct29 sep
Energy Resources of Australia Ltd (ERA) is to be prosecuted29 sep
The Department of Commerce (DOC) has revised the level of import duties29 sep
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) board of directors approved29 sep
The European Commission (EC) has proposed allocating EUR1.052 billion29 sep
The 540 MWe Tarapur-4 PHWR is expected to go critical in about three months29 sep
An US$8 billion nuclear power project in southern Guangdong29 sep
Extensively modified regulations governing the packaging and transportation29 sep
A new framework cooperation agreement between the European Union29 sep
Polygon Investment Partners LLP announced that it had abandoned29 sep
Enel of Italy should be selected as the buyer of a 66% share29 sep
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