Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, september 2006

Plaats: London, UK
Strathmore Minerals Corp has begun the mining permit application process 6 sep
CanAlaska Ventures Ltd and Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd (MDP) 6 sep
Paladin Resources Ltd declared its takeover offer for Valhalla Uranium Ltd 6 sep
The Rossing uranium mine is expected to produce 3500 tonnes U3O8 6 sep
Draft guidance for preparing a combined construction and operating licence 6 sep
Energy Alberta is reportedly seeking partners to help finance construction 6 sep
More than 80 % of Swedes support the continued operation 6 sep
Lithuania should be ready no later than the end of October to ask for tenders 6 sep
A plan to recover damaged fuel elements from the service pool 6 sep
Romania and South Korea have agreed to increase cooperation 6 sep
Rosenergoatom plans to start construction of nine nuclear power reactors 6 sep
Funding for the BN-800 fast breeder reactor at the Beloyarsk 6 sep
The Department of Energy (DOE) is delaying the start of construction 6 sep
A grant application to study Oak Rige, Tennesse, as a possible site 6 sep
Pete Domenici, chairman of the Senate's energy and natural resources 6 sep
EnergySolution International Group is interested in acquiring 6 sep
Areva Np has finalized its acquisition of SFARSTEEL 6 sep
Denison Mines Inc and International Uranium Corp (IUC) have entered13 sep
Sinosteel Corp of China and PepinNini Minerals LTD have signed13 sep
Russia will increase spending on uranium extraction tenfold13 sep
South Korea and Uzbekistan have agreed on the joint development of the Djantaur13 sep
A Safety Evaluation Report (SER) for USEC Inc's American Centrifuge Plant13 sep
General Electric (GE) expects to finalize its technology license agreement13 sep
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has terminated the construction licences13 sep
Mexico needs to expand its nuclear energy program and should start by constructi13 sep
The Swedish Nuclear Inspectorate (SKI) has completed its review13 sep
A new energy strategy that strongly favours nuclear power13 sep
Thermo Electron Corp of San Diego, USA, has been awarded13 sep
Areva, Washington Group International (WGI) and BWX Technologies Inc13 sep
The government will begin construction of a nuclear power plant13 sep
The USA and Russia have signed an agreement aimed at converting13 sep
Exelon Corp has given Public Service Enterprise Group Inc (PSEG)13 sep
The Australian Uranium Association has been launched20 sep
Plant commissioning has commenced at the Dominnion20 sep
Alliant Techsystems (ATK) is performing work under an initial20 sep
Public support for nuclear energy and the construction of new plants20 sep
PPL Susquehanna Inc submitted an application on 15 September20 sep
Duke Energy has filed documents with the North Carolina Utilities Commission20 sep
Progress Energy has asked Florida state regulators to approve20 sep
Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has applied for a Site Preparation Licence20 sep
A nuclear power plant will be constructed at El-Dabaa20 sep
Georgia is reportedly considering constructing a nuclear power plant20 sep
The government will select an agency by the end of 200620 sep
The government will conclude a comparative energy study20 sep
Kansai Electric Power Co's Mihama-3 nuclear power reactor20 sep
Svensk KarnBranslehantering AB (SKB) and Posiva Oy20 sep
A new alliance to target nuclear clean-up opportunities20 sep
A full-scale investigation has confirmed the viability of constructing20 sep
The European Commission (EC) has approved Toshiba Corp's acquisition20 sep
Global nuclear generating capacity will increase some 30% by 203027 sepAtoms in Japan, 20 September
An environmental licence for sxr Uranium One's Honeymoon27 sepsxr Uranium One, 29 September
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co (KHNP) will purchase27 sepNuclear Market Review, 30 September
Global Nuclear Fuel (GNF) has been awarded a multi-million dolar, 10 year27 sepGNF, 2 October
Exelon will begin the application process for a combined27 sepExelon, 29 September
Awards valued at some US$8 million will be made27 sepDOE, 28 September
Overall, 61% of Members of Parliament (MPs) support the construction27 sep
The government has set conditions for the construction27 sepPlatts Nuclear News Flashes, 29 September
RWE Power has applied for approval for the transfer of 30 TWh27 sepRWE, 26 September
The restart of the Forsmark-1 and -2 nuclear power reactors27 sepSKI, 28 September
Russia and Iran have signed an agreement for the delivery of nuclear fuel27 sepNucNet News, 209/06, 27 September
The Duke, Cogema and Stone & Webster consortium (DCS)27 sepNRC, 27 September
Areva has signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd27 sepAreva, 28 September
The Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant (THORP) at Sellafield27 sepNucleonics Week, 28 September
A new two-year EC-funded project - Strategic Action Plan27 sepArius, 21 September
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