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Annual report and accounts 2017

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Annual report & accounts 2017

Key facts
We are an international supplier of enrichment services to
utility customers worldwide who typically supply us with
natural uranium7, uranium hexafluoride (UF6), which we
then enrich to international specifications. Through the
flexible operation of our centrifuge technology, we are able
to provide products and services beyond enrichment, for
example, by conserving natural uranium and providing
Enriched Uranium Product (EUP).8 Our role in the nuclear
industry and a closer look at the enrichment process can be
seen on our website.
We have played an important role in the world’s nuclear
energy industry for 45 years.
• We have four uranium enrichment facilities: Almelo in
the Netherlands; Capenhurst in the UK; Eunice, New
Mexico in the USA and Gronau in Germany. URENCO is
the only company in the world to operate enrichment
facilities in four countries, which offers our customers
a diversity of supply.
• Our Head Office is located close to London, UK.
• We supply more than 50 customers in 19 countries.
• We also have subsidiaries dedicated to uranium
- URENCO ChemPlants Limited, which will operate
our Tails Management Facility (TMF) in the UK;
- URENCO Nuclear Stewardship Limited, which
provides responsible management of nuclear
• Our Stable Isotopes business in the Netherlands
draws on our expertise and capabilities in centrifuge
technology to produce a variety of highly important
products for medical, industrial and research