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Urenco 1970-2020: From Treaty of Almelo to Atom Ausstieg

AuteurD.Bannink, Laka
DatumOctober 2020
Classificatie (URENCO/UCN - ALGEMEEN)
Opmerking Also available in in Dutch.

Uit de publicatie:

On March 4, 1970, the Treaty of Almelo was signed ‒ an agreement between the 
Netherlands, the United Kingdom and West Germany on setting up a company with 
the aim of enriching uranium: Urenco. 

The origin of uranium enrichment is military and until then enrichment was 
primarily the monopoly of the United States and Soviet nuclear-weapon states. 
Now, 50 years later, Urenco is a major player on the world market. But those 
50 years did not go smoothly and even now the company is under pressure: not 
only because of the slowdown in the growth of nuclear energy, resulting in 
large overcapacity in the enrichment market and a shrinking order portfolio, 
but also due to the German Atom Ausstieg and the decline of nuclear energy 
in Urenco’s traditional market: Western Europe 

This paper describes the development of uranium enrichment and the turbulent 
history of Urenco. It further analyzes current issues regarding Urenco and 
its uncertain future.