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The Environmental Impact of a Projected Uranium Development in Co. Donegal, Ireland

Classificatie (IERLAND)
Opmerking Research Report RR-9 Political Ecology Research Group

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The report assesses both the generic and the site specific aspects of the projected uranium developments in Co. Donegal. The main focus is upon the health and safety issues arising from the dispersion of radioactivity in the vicinity of the project and the long term implications of waste disposal. The socio-economic aspects are also reviewed, in particular the likely balance of advantages and disadvantages with regard to employment in the region. The impact on the natural resources of the region is assessed. The effects of a single small operation and of regional development of mining and milling are compared. The radiological hazards of mine tailings require careful control, particularly in siting. A major review of the Low Level Radiation controversy is presented. A review of the international system for regulating radiation protection concludes that national authorities should take a greater role in the assessment of acceptable risks and that the ICRP recommendations and EEC directives should not be seen as an effective substitute. Finally, the report provides an extensive bibliography and overview of mitigation technology and monitoring programmes, and should prove of use as a guide for further analysis by the local authorities.

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