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White paper on nuclear energy in Jordan. Final Repport

AuteurJAEC, WorleyParsons
Datumseptember 2011
Classificatie (JORDANIË)

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White Paper on Nuclear Energy in Jordan
“Final Report”
September 2011

Jordan Atomic Energy Commission

1. Introduction
Global population growth and industrial development are projected to double electricity
consumption by 2030. Rapidly increasing electricity demand, together with the need to
renew a large amount of old generating capacity in developed countries, strengthens the
requirement for new power plants.
After years of neglect, the interest for nuclear power has been revived. Worldwide, 64
units are under construction, with most construction taking place in China, the Russian
Federation, India and South Korea. Out of 29 countries currently using nuclear power, 13
have new plants under construction and 14 have supported the construction of new units
by including nuclear as a potential option for the future energy generation mix.
Around 65 countries across the world are expressing interest in, considering or actively
planning for nuclear power. Of these, 21 are in the Asia-Pacific region, 21 in Africa, 12 in
Europe and 11 in Latin America.
Nuclear energy is seen as the technology of choice for satisfying future electricity demand
since it ensures safe and stable electricity production at a reasonable and competitive
price, while providing independence from fossil fuel and associated price fluctuations.
At the same time, the development of nuclear programmes facilitates the expansion of an
entire high-tech nuclear sector, which in turn increases the country’s technical and
scientific development.

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