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Nuclear power: Only problems no solutions

AuteurWISE, Rijk, F.v Schaik
Datummaart 2007
Classificatie (ALGEMEEN)
Opmerking Facts and figures about nuclear power

Uit de publicatie:

Sometimes, it is important to restate the obvious.
Why is smoking bad for you?
Because it causes cancer. 
Why is it not a good idea to drive drunk?
Because it can lead to serious accidents. 
Why should we get rid of nuclear power? 
Because it is dangerous, expensive, dirty and not helpful.

Although for decades the arguments against nuclear power have been –and still are- strong and valid,
there is an increasing group of nuclear companies supported by scientists and politicians, who say
we need nuclear power to fight climate change and to be independent. They also claim that all the
problems associated with nuclear power are almost solved or solved. 
Why do they say this? Because for them, nuclear power means profits, power and politics.
In March 2007 on the 50th birthday of the Euratom Treaty, more than 600,000 Europeans and 800
European organisations demanded that European leaders phase out nuclear power, end the Euratom Treaty
and massively invest in energy saving, efficiency and renewable energy. 
Why do they say this? Because for them safety, sustainability and social behaviour are important.
In this booklet, we restate the obvious by listing many hard, recent and Europe-related facts on the
failures and dangers of nuclear power. All information comes from renowned and/or independent sources. 
We look at the impossibilities of permanent storage of nuclear waste, the financial and technical
problems of building new nuclear power plants, the impacts of dirty uranium mining, the numerous and
serious nuclear accidents that have taken place recently, the dangers of proliferation, and the data
that show that nuclear power does not help to save the climate.

To us, these facts lead to one obvious conclusion: nuclear power has no future