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Renewables Energies versus Nuclear Power. Comparing Financial Support

AuteurÖkologie Institut, G.Mraz
DatumNovember 2014
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Renewables Energies versus Nuclear Power. 
Comparing Financial Support

Ökologie Institut 
Austrian Institute of Ecology
Maga. Gabriele Mraz, MA
Maga. Andrea Wallner (concept)
Vienna, November 2014

Discussion about nuclear energy has changed a lot during the last decade. 
In the last century the focus was mainly concentrated on safety issues. With 
the dawning of the renewable energies the focus in the whole energy sector 
shifted to costs. Today the cost structure of renewable energies is well 
understood and known. As predicted for emerging technologies costs are 
decreasing with the time. The real costs of nuclear energy as well as for 
fossil electricity production are not well known as these technologies stem 
from a time when states made decisions not mainly driven by economical reasoning. 
First new building projects in the nuclear sector in Europe after the 
liberalisation of the electricity market give a first impression of the 
real costs of new nuclear. What started with the calculation of the external 
costs of a running nuclear plant can now be amended with the costs for new 
power reactors.
This paper is simply about the question “How much electricity can we get out 
of different energy sources on the current market for a given sum of money?”
The Vienna Ombuds-Office for Environmental Protection hopes to provide with 
this paper a strong basis for the discussion of the future of nuclear power. 
The paper is aimed to close a gap in our knowledge to make a well based decision. 
This paper is to be seen in a series of papers financed by the Vienna Ombuds-Office 
for Environmental Protection dealing with environmental as well as with economical 
questions in the field of nuclear power generation.