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The end of nuclear energy? International perspectives after Fukushima

AuteurFriedrich Ebert Stiftung
Datumjuli 2011
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		               The end of nuclear energy?
                     International perspectives after Fukushima

                                  NINA NETZER AND JOCHEN STEINHILBER (EDS.)
                                                                   July 2011

     n The nuclear disaster in Fukushima turned into a long-term crisis shaking the very foun-
       dations of economies and institutional structures. This offers an opportunity to orga-
       nise energy supply in a more sustainable manner throughout the world.

     n While a shift in thinking can be seen in some countries, others unswervingly con-
       tinue along the planned path of an expansion of nuclear energy. However, given the
       economic and environmental misgivings as well as various security and safety risks
       of nuclear and fossil energy sources on the one hand as well as the benefits of green
       growth on the other hand, countries worldwide do not want to miss the opportunity
       to expand the use of renewable energy sources.

     n Against the background of an ongoing depletion of resources and volatile oil and
       gas prices, any future set up of energy policies throughout the world has to balance
       the goals of energy security, economic viability, ecological sustainability and social
       compatibility. At the same time, a restructuring in the energy sector has to be for-
       mulated in a democratic manner involving the national, state, and community levels
       as well as civil society and industry.
                                      NINA NETZER AND JOCHEN STEINHILBER (EDS.) | THE END OF NUCLEAR ENERGY?


           Never waste a crisis … Green light for a sustainable energy supply .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3
           Nina Netzer and Jochen Steinhilber

           The future of nuclear energy in the wake of Fukushima .