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Comments On the ”stress tests” specifications – Proposal by the WENRA Task Force

AuteurGreenpeace, J.Haverkamp
Datummei 2011

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   On the “stress tests”
 specifications – Proposal
by the WENRA Task Force,
       21 April 2011

           Ir. Jan Haverkamp


                                    Jan Haverkamp – EU policy campaigner dirty energy
                                                            Greenpeace European Unit
                                                 Rue Belliard, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
       Tel: +32 477 790 416 Fax: +32 2 2741910 E-mail:

My name is Jan Haverkamp. I am 52 years old and have an academic engineering degree (Ir. - equivalent with
a Masters degree) in Environmental Hygiene from the Agricultural University in Wageningen as well as a
candidate (equivalent with Bachelors) degree in Biochemistry from the State University in Leiden, both in the
Netherlands. I have studied also nuclear physics and energy policy at the State University in Leiden.

I work as an independent expert in energy issues with specialisation in nuclear energy for the global
environmental organisation Greenpeace.

I have been asked by Greenpeace to write comments on the “Stress Tests” Specifications – Proposal by the
WENRA Task Force, 21 April 2011. I wrote these comments on personal title and my opinion – though based
on my experience within Greenpeace and benefiting from input from other Greenpeace colleagues and experts
– does not necessarily coincide with the opinion of Greenpeace as organisation.

Brussels, 05 May 2011 – tel.: +32 477 790 416

1. This WENRA paper is not fulfilling the demand from the March 2011 Summit of the European Council for
   the highest standards in nuclear safety1