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Normal Accidents. Living with High-Risk Technologies

AuteurCharles Perrow
Datumjanuari 1999
Opmerking First Published 1984. Upgraded, with a new afterword and a postscript on the Y2K problem

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Normal Accidents
Living with High-risk technologies
Charles Perrow
First Published 1984
Upgraded, with a new afterword and a postscript on the Y2K problem

Normal Accidents analyzes the social side of technological risk. Charles Perrow 
argues that the conventional engineering approach to ensure safety-building in more 
warnings and safeguards-fails because systems complexity makes failures inevitable. 
He asserts that typical precautions, by adding to complexity, may help create new 
categories of accidents. (At Chernobyl, tests of a new safety system helped produce 
the meltdown and subsequent fire.) By recognizing two dimensions of risk-complex 
versus linear interactions, and light versus loose coupling-this books provides a 
powerful framework for analysing risks and the organizations that insists we run 
The first edition fulfilled one reviewer's prediction that it "may mark the beginning 
of accident research". In the new afterword and postscript to this edition the author 
reviews the extensive work on the major accidents of the last fifteen years, and the 
valuable extensions and refinements of his theory.

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