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Cyber Security at Civil Nuclear Facilities. Understanding the Risks

AuteurC.Baylon, R.Brunt, D.Livingstone
Datumseptember 2015

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Chatham House Report
Caroline Baylon with Roger Brunt and David Livingstone
September 2015
Cyber Security at Civil Nuclear Facilities
Understanding the Risks
© The Royal Institute of International Affairs, 2015

All technologies have their benefits and liabilities.
Digital technologies are transforming the way in which
people interact with each other and employ machines,
and how machines connect to machines. Enormous
amounts of data are flowing and being stored; our world
increasingly depends on the internet and digitization to
be able to function. Vulnerability to theft of these data
has become one of the major drawbacks of financial and
other commercial transactions. The protection of data
and the secure functioning of the critical infrastructure
– such as energy, food and water resources, transport
and communications – depend on digital technologies
functioning safely and securely. Individuals’ privacy in
regard to, for example, medical records and insurance data
is still being breached to detrimental effect. This report,
while considering such situations, focuses on a far more
dangerous category of cyber attack – when a facility’s
industrial control systems are disrupted or even captured
and harnessed by saboteurs acting either inside or outside
the facilities where these systems are located.