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Obama’s 2010 Nuclear Security Summit and the Inernational Non-proliferation regime

AuteurEdoardo Sorvillo, ISPI
Datumoktober 2009

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Edoardo Sorvillo
Obama’s 2010 Nuclear Security Summit
and the International Non-proliferation Regime                                 N. 163 - OCTOBER 2009

Since 9/11the United States             disarmament      discussion3,
see nuclear terrorism as «the           transforming nuclear security          President Barack Obama has
                                                                               announced his intention to host, in
most immediate and extreme              into the fourth pillar of the          April 2010, an International
threat to global security»1.            nuclear      non-proliferation         Nuclear Security Summit.
Some commentators have                  regime4.
                                                                               After almost a decade
noted that the chances for a
                                        During the last decade the             characterized by ad hoc initiatives
terrorist group to acquire a                                                   aimed at curbing the illegal
                                        main tools used by the US
complete nuclear device from                                                   trafficking of nuclear related
                                        government in the area of
some illegal source is quite                                                   material, the new US
                                        nuclear security have been             administration seems to be eager
unlikely     and    the    most
                                        the creation of international          to work in order to coordinate the
outspoken have underlined
                                        partnerships such as the               different bilateral and multilateral
that the relevance given to the
                                        Proliferation Security Initiative      programs and achiev