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Unleashing the nuclear watchdog: Strengthening and reform of the IAEA

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 strengthening and
  reform of the iaea
Unleashing the
Nuclear Watchdog:
Strengthening and
Reform of the IAEA
Trevor Findlay

CIGI’s Strengthening and Reform of the International Atomic Energy Agency project is conducted in
partnership with the Canadian Centre for Treaty Compliance (CCTC) at the Norman Paterson School of
International Affairs, Carleton University, Ottawa. The project is directed by Trevor Findlay, Senior Fellow
at CIGI and Director of the CCTC.
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Table of Contents
v	    List of Tables and Figures                                                                  49	   IAEA Nuclear Security Standards and Recommendations
vi	   About the Author                                                                                  51	 The Process of Preparing Nuclear Security Documents
vii	Preface                                                                                             51	 Three-year Plan of Activities to Protect Against