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Casebook Nuclear Advocacy 2019

Datumaugustus 2019

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Casebook Nuclear Advocacy 2019


Due to their far-reaching impact, nuclear issues in particular have consistently raised significant
compliance and implementation challenges with regards to two UNECE multilateral agreements,
namely the Aarhus Convention and the Espoo Convention as well as EU legislation. Furthermore,
while the two Conventions as well as European provisions on EIA and nature protection establish
independent and differing obligations on the Parties or member states, the precise interactions and
all potentials for synergies have to date not been fully clarified by the bodies set up to assist Par-
ties with compliance, namely the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee (ACCC) and the Espoo
Implementation Committee (Espoo IC). This has resulted in a situation wherein the rules and best
policies/courses of action for addressing transboundary environmental problems in this sector are
In order to gain an overview on the different decisions and approached in the nuclear sector, this
casebook includes all relevant international cases related to nuclear activities. It aims to support
better compliance and implementation with international provisions in the nuclear sector through
an enhanced understanding of the legal and procedural issues involved, and the development of
pragmatic solutions.