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Leakage of Water Treated by the Multi-Nuclide Removal Facility (ALPS)

On 17 December 2014, TEPCO found that treated water being transferred to the J6 Tank Area was leaking from an open end of a branch pipe connected to the main pipe.
While having an open end, the valve on the branch pipe was open. Closing the valve on the branch pipe stopped the leakage. The estimated volume of the leaked treated water is approximately 6 tons.
The radioactivity concentrations of the treated water was as follows:
- Total Beta: 110 Bq/L
- H-3: 880 kBq/L
Leakage of the treated water to the ocean was ruled out on the following observations:
- The layer of soil above the asphalt-covered ground at the point of leakage was soaked with the leaked treated water.
- The leaked treated water was also found accumulating in the closed pipe trench at a lower elevation from the point of leakage.

Event date: Wed, 17-12-2014
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