INES type: radiation-source

Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
2021-03-11INES 2Overexposure to WorkerUnited States of AmericaLivingston, Louisiana / EPIC Piping, LLC
2020-11-28INES 1Am-241 meltingsFinlandFinnish steel factory
2020-11-24INES 1Discovered Ra-226 source in Copper scrap metalsIranIslamic Republic of, Northwest border
2020-09-19INES 1Stolen Catgeory-2 source at Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, México.MexicoCiudad Obregon, Sonora
2020-08-03INES 2Overexposure to WorkerUnited States of AmericaMobile, Alabama / Applied Technical Services, Inc.
2020-06-30INES 2Overexposure to WorkerUnited States of AmericaAlvin, Texas / Ineos Oligomers Chocolate Bayou
2019-12-12INES 1Discovered Ra-226 source in transport container containing scrap metal.NorwayHermod Teigen AS, Egersund, Norway
2019-11-29INES 2Overexposure of two workers during radiographyGermanyCompany for non-destructive testing
2019-09-09INES 0Lost of radioactive sealed sourceMexicoMorelia. Michoacan
2019-04-11INES 2Overexposure to RadiographerUnited States of AmericaAlabaster, Alabama / Vital Inspection Professional
2019-03-07INES 2Dangerous Co60 sources discovered in scrap metal containersNetherlandsPort of Rotterdam
2019-01-21INES 1Drop of a source into a logging wellHungaryPécs
2019-01-14INES 1Lost and Subsequent Recovery of a Radioactive SourcePakistanWajedo International Corporation (Private) Limited
2018-12-18INES 1Missing Tc-99m GeneratorSwitzerlandSion, nuclear medicine institute
2018-12-18INES 3Overexposure of two workersIranIslamic Republic of Iran, KHORASANE RAZAVI province
2018-09-21INES 1Am-241 source meltingFinlandFinnish steel factory
2018-09-15INES 1Am-241 source meltingFinlandFinnish steel factory
2018-07-26INES 1Am-241 source meltingFinlandFinnish steel factory
2018-07-06INES 1Stolen industrial radiography device in Mexico CityMexicoMexico City
2018-06-26INES 1Am-241 source meltingFinlandFinnish steel factory
2018-04-06INES 2Worker OverexposureUnited States of AmericaPasadena, Texas / Techcorr USA Management LLC
2018-03-14INES 2Worker OverexposureUnited States of AmericaBenicia, California / Qualspec, LLC
2017-05-15INES 2Overexposure to RadiographerUnited States of AmericaWisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin/ACUREN INSPECTION, INC
2017-04-28INES 2Overexposure to RadiographerUnited States of AmericaHouston, Texas / Versa Integrity
2017-04-23INES 2Stolen source in Tlaquepaque, JaliscoMexicoTlaquepaque, Jalisco