INES type: power-reactor

Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
2019-05-062Emergency diesel generators - earthquake resistance riskFranceCIVAUX-1
2019-02-122Potential uncontrolled access to room with radiation greater than 1000 mR / hrMexicoLAGUNA VERDE-1
2018-12-312External corrosion affecting multiple systems on a power reactorUnited KingdomDUNGENESS B
2017-11-092Insufficient seismic resistance of emergency diesel generatorsFrancePALUEL-1
2017-08-182Insufficient seismic resistance of a part of the canal embankment along the Tricastin NPPFranceTRICASTIN-1
2017-08-042Overexposure of Workers after Moderator Heavy Water Leak from Bonnet Gasket of Moderator Storage Tank Outlet ValvePakistanKANUPP-1
2017-08-022Risk of loss of heat sink in case of an earthquake - 20 reactors concernedFranceBELLEVILLE-1
2017-06-202Emergency diesel generators auxiliary systems not compliant with seismic requirements on the 1300 MW reactors (8 sites - 20 reactors)FranceBELLEVILLE-1
2016-04-20Not ApplicableLeakage from Piping Transferring RO-Concentrated Water to G-6 Tank AreaJapanFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI
2016-03-112Leak from primary coolant system at Kakrapar Atomic Station-1IndiaKAKRAPAR-1
2015-09-15Not ApplicableLeakages of water from the dikes in tank areas storing contaminated waterJapanFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI
2015-08-182Irradiation of a worker during scheduled NNP outage at Le BlayaisFranceBLAYAIS-4
2015-05-29Not ApplicableContaminated water being transferred to turbine building of unit 3 from 1000 tons notch tank was leaking from the cracked pressure hoseJapanFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI
2015-02-22Not ApplicablePossible Flow of Contaminated Water to the Outside of the Controlled AreaJapanFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI
2014-12-17Not ApplicableLeakage of Water Treated by the Multi-Nuclide Removal Facility (ALPS)JapanFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI
2014-11-280Event during operation of Zaporizhzhya NPP Unit №3UkraineZAPOROZHYE-3
2014-09-17Not ApplicableDiscovery of a Crack in a Connection Valve between Tanks for Concentrated Water Treated by Reverse OsmosisJapanFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI
2014-06-02Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from Two Notch TanksJapanFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI
2014-05-171Exposure of a temporary worker in excess of annual dose constraint during transfer operation of irradiated neutron detector.IndiaTARAPUR-4
2014-05-041Exposure to Worker in Excess of Administrative LimitPakistanCHASNUPP-1 (C-1)
2014-04-13Not ApplicableInappropriate Transfer of Contaminated WaterJapanFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI
2014-02-20Not ApplicableLeakega of Contaminated Water from the Upper Part of Tank C-1 in H-6 Tank AreaJapanFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI
2014-02-20Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from the Upper Part of Tank C-1 in H-6 Tank AreaJapanFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI
2014-02-06Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from a Flange of Water Pressure Measuring instrumentJapanFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI
2013-10-09Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from a Desalination SystemJapanFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI