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Discovery of a Crack in a Connection Valve between Tanks for Concentrated Water Treated by Reverse Osmosis

On 4 September, 2014, TEPCO found that the concentrated water* treated by Reverse Osmosis (RO) was leaking from a connection valve between A5 tank and A6 tank in the G4 South Tank Area.
The leaked water was remaining within the dike surrounding the area.
The radioactivities of the leaked water were approximately as follows:
-Total Gamma: 27kBq
-Total Beta: 98 MBq
As a result of inspection by TEPCO, it was found on 17 September, 2014, that the connection valve had a crack which penetrated the valve.

*Concentrated water treated by RO: Concentrated saline water remaining after the desalination by RO. Contaminated water in the basement of reactor and turbine buildings undergo cesium removal, and are then treated by RO for desalination.

Event date: Wed, 17-09-2014
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