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Inappropriate Transfer of Contaminated Water

The Central Waste Building at Fukushima Daiichi NPS has been currently used as a storage facility for contaminated water from the Nuclear Reactor Buildings Unit 1 to 4.
On 11 April, 2014, TEPCO found that the level of contaminated water in the Central Waste Building unnaturally fell down although the contaminated water was not transferred to other places, and on
13 April, 2014, it was found by TEPCO that some contaminated water in the Central Waste Building was transferred to the Incineration Building, which has been prepared as an emergency storage facility for contaminated water. TEPCO stopped the inappropriate transfer of contaminated water. The total amount of inappropriately transferred water is estimated by TEPCO to be approximately 203m3.
The concentration of radioactive materials in the contaminated water in the Central Waste Building, which was measured by TEPCO on 8 April,2014, is as follows:
Cs-134: 10 MBq/L
Cs-137: 27 MBq/L

Event date: Sun, 13-04-2014
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