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Leakage of Contaminated Water from a Flange of Water Pressure Measuring instrument

On 6 February,2014, TEPCO found that the water treated by Simplified Active Water Retrieve and Recovery System (SARRY, cesium removal facility) and Reverse Osmosis Desalination Facility (RO) was leaking from the flange of water pressure measuring instrument equipped to the water pipe in which the water was running to the reactors unit 1 to 3 for their cooling.
The leaked water was flowing into the underground nearly under the water pressure measuring instrument.
The water leakage from the flange was stopped by means of closing the valve attached between the flange and the water pipe.
The amount of leaked water was estimated to be approximately 600 litters in total.
The concentration of radioactive materials in the water treated by SARRY and RO was approximately as follows:
Total Beta: 93 kBq/L
H-3: 380kBq/L
There has been no contamination of the ocean that raises any concern about influence to heaith and the environment.

Event date: Thu, 06-02-2014
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