Overexposure of two industrial radiographers

Two industrial radiographers who were involved in an oil refinery projects, overexposed by Gamma radiation of Ir-92, 35 Ci. On 23/09/2015, one of the radiographers dismantled the guide tube without noticing that the source/holder was detached and stocked in the guide tube due to not having survey meter with him. He put the guide tube in the car between the right front chair and back chair. During the night, one of the radiographers slept in the left front chair for about 6 hours while the other slept in the right front chair for about 4 hours in different times. When some mild symptoms of nausea and vomiting appeared in the first radiographer, he suspected of presence of source near him. So, he turned on the survey meter and found out that the source was inside the guide tube placed in the car. Then, the second radiographer returned the source to the projector.

The accident was reported to the regulatory body accordingly and investigation started immediately. Based on the initial study the first radiographer may have received a whole body dose of 1.6 Gy and the second received about 3.4 Gy. Due to the high amount of the dose, both of the radiographers were admitted to the hospital for further medical surveillance and possible treatments.

Location: Islamic Republic of Iran, Oil refinery Company
Event date: Wed, 23-09-2015
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