Overexposure of two workers

On 2nd of January 2019, National Radiation Protection Department (NRPD) was received a report regarding the overexposure of two workers on 18th of December 2018. According to the report of the licensee that is a private company, after the performance of industrial radiography in KHORASANE RAZAVI province, two workers found that the holder (contain 80 Ci, Ir-192) was not in its place. Due to the detachment of the holder, it remained in the guide tube during radiography. The workers were not worn any kind of dosimeters. The holder was returned to the projector using the handling tongs, transit container and etc.
At the time of receiving the report by NRPD, two workers suffered from Local Radiation Injury (LRI). Considering the results of cytogenetic analysis, the whole body doses to the workers A and B were estimated to be about 400 mSv and 264 mSv.
The doses of the left and right hands of worker A and right hand of worker B were estimated to be less than 50 Gy, 40 Gy and 15 Gy, respectively. They were received appropriate medical treatment.

Location: Islamic Republic of Iran, KHORASANE RAZAVI province
Event date: Tue, 18-12-2018
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