Over-exposure of one worker during the industrial radiography activities

On 24 July 1996 an Ir-142 radioactive source used for industrial radiography and weld test was lost in the site of Gilan Combined Cycle Power Plant. Two hours later it was found by the safety authorities of the site and placed in its shield immediately. During the said time period a worker who had not observed safety measures, was exposed to a dose, exceeding annual dose limit (INES Level 2). He is now under full health care. The site safety authorities and the inspectors of AEOI took all necessary safety measures. The results of blood tests and clinical examinations of all concerned workers and technical staff have been normal and show no sign of abnormalities due to exposure to the radiation except in the case of the said worker.
It should be mentioned here that Gilan Combined Cycle Power Plant is a fossile plant and is in the process of construction and erection. Various private companies are participating in it's installation including those utilizing industrial radiography equipments having radioactive sources which are under the supervision of AEOI to test the quality of welds.
The reason for the delay in reporting the incident is the required time for collecting more precise information.
Justification of INES rating:
a) Paragraph IV-5.1.2. Page 64 of INES User's Manual:
"Loss or removal of radioactive sources"
b) Paragraph II-2.2. page 17 of INES User's Manual:
"Level 2. Major spread of contamination and/or exposure of workers"

Location: GILAN
Event date: Wed, 24-07-1996
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