INES Levels

INES 2: Incident

Impact on People and Environment:
  • Exposure of a member of the public in excess of 10 mSv.
  • Exposure of a worker in excess of the statutory annual limits.
Impact on Radiological Barriers and Control:
  • Radiation levels in an operating area of more than 50 mSv/h.
  • Significant contamination within the facility into an area not expected by design.
Impact on Defence-in-Depth:
  • Significant failures in safety ­provisions but with no actual ­consequences.
  • Found highly radioactive sealed orphan source, device or transport package with safety provisions intact.
  • Inadequate packaging of a highly radioactive sealed source.
Legenda & explanation
date title location 
2019-09-25STOLEN DENSITITY GAUGEMexicoReynosa, Tamaulipas
2019-06-21Hand contamination of radiation workersAustraliaSydney, ANM Facility, ANSTO Lucas Heights
2019-05-06Emergency diesel generators - earthquake resistance riskFranceCIVAUX-1
2019-04-24Overexposure of a workerFranceEiffage Energie Systeme – Clevia Ouest
2019-04-11Overexposure to RadiographerUnited States of AmericaAlabaster, Alabama / Vital Inspection Professional
2019-04-01Overexposure to WorkersUnited States of AmericaGrand Island, New York / NRD – Advanced Static Control
2019-03-31Hand contamination and overexposure of workers at a nuclear medical facilityUnited KingdomPET Scanning Facility, UK
2019-03-07Dangerous Co60 sources discovered in scrap metal containersNetherlandsPort of Rotterdam
2019-02-12Potential uncontrolled access to room with radiation greater than 1000 mR / hrMexicoLAGUNA VERDE-1
2019-01-31Overexposure of a worker (nuclear medicine department of a hospital, hands exposure)FranceAngers Hospital
2018-12-31External corrosion affecting multiple systems on a power reactorUnited KingdomDUNGENESS B
2018-09-24Misdelivered Radioactive Transport PackagesUnited KingdomExport packing company in vicinity of Heathrow
2018-04-06Worker OverexposureUnited States of AmericaPasadena, Texas / Techcorr USA Management LLC
2018-03-14Worker OverexposureUnited States of AmericaBenicia, California / Qualspec, LLC
2018-03-14Overexposure of a workerFinlandVeterinary clinic in Tampere
2017-12-01Worker OverexposureUnited States of AmericaBuford Georgia / Theragenics Corporation
2017-11-09Insufficient seismic resistance of emergency diesel generatorsFrancePALUEL-1
2017-10-20Overexposure of a radiologists (hands exposure)FranceHospital Delafontaine - Saint Denis (Paris region)
2017-09-21Contamination event at research facilitySwedenStudsvik Nuclear AB
2017-08-18Insufficient seismic resistance of a part of the canal embankment along the Tricastin NPPFranceTRICASTIN-1
2017-08-04Overexposure of Workers after Moderator Heavy Water Leak from Bonnet Gasket of Moderator Storage Tank Outlet ValvePakistanKANUPP-1
2017-08-02Risk of loss of heat sink in case of an earthquake - 20 reactors concernedFranceBELLEVILLE-1
2017-07-25Exposure of airplane passengers due to inadequate use of type B transport packageBelgiumNTP Europe
2017-07-21Worker OverexposureUnited States of AmericaJacksonville, Florida / Triad Isotopes Inc.
2017-07-04Uranium accumulation in a glove box air purification systemUnited States of AmericaLynchburg, Virginia / BWX Technologies, INC.
2017-06-20Emergency diesel generators auxiliary systems not compliant with seismic requirements on the 1300 MW reactors (8 sites - 20 reactors)FranceBELLEVILLE-1
2017-06-06Exposure of Workers at Plutonium Fuel Research FacilityJapanOarai Research and Development Center
2017-05-15Overexposure to RadiographerUnited States of AmericaWisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin/ACUREN INSPECTION, INC
2017-04-28Overexposure to RadiographerUnited States of AmericaHouston, Texas / Versa Integrity
2017-04-23Stolen source in Tlaquepaque, JaliscoMexicoTlaquepaque, Jalisco