Partial loss of safeguards systems as a result of external flooding

During the night of 27-28 December 1999, exceptionally bad weather in the region resulted in the forming of waves which moved up the River Gironde and flooded part of the Blayais site, particularly certain facilities of Units 1 and 2. As a result of this flooding Units 1 and 2 were shut down in the night of 27-28 December and placed on standby with the steam generators used for cooling ready for connection to the reactor heat removal (RHR) system At the moment when the flooding occurred, Unit 3 was shut down and cooled by the RHR system. Unit 3 was not affected by the flooding. Unit 4, which was just placed in hot shutdown state, went critical on 30 December.
Units 1 and 2 kept shut down and cooled by the steam

Location: BLAYAIS-1
Event date: Tue, 28-12-1999
Nuclear event report
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