Lost source causing a radiological accident at Meet Halfa, Egypt

On Monday, 26 of June 2000 the authorities in Egypt were faced with a radiological accident in Meet Halfa, a village of El-Qualuobia Governorate, 20 km from Cairo. The accident resulting from a lost Ir-192, 40 Ci source found its way to one of the village houses. The accident resulted in two deaths and other two severely affected. The team from the Atomic Energy Authority and Ministry of Defence succeeded in locating the source and the source was handled remotely and sent to the special storage area of the Atomic Energy Authority.
Rating Justification:
Irradiation of at least seven persons resulting in an overexposure and the death of two of them.

Location: MEET HALFA
Event date: Mon, 26-06-2000
Nuclear event report
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