Fire at Dukovany NPP

On 6/10/2000 at 7:07 the automatic electronic fire detectors EPS in central fire control room of Dukovany NPP announced the electric cable local fire in cable channel V216/1. This cable channel is outside of the building in front of the central pumping station of circulation cooling water of Dukovany NPP. Fire brigade arrived to the place signaling fire immediately after occurrence of the signal and fire was extinguished at 7:10. The fire was caused by short circuit in coupling of 6 kV cable BQDV no. 2 of reactor 4 unit, which is presently in refuelling period and scheduled maintenance. Preliminary damage is estimated to be less than 8.000.- Czech Crowns, which is about 200 U.S. dollars. The fire was in accordance with inner regulation classification classified at the lowest level. The event did not influence operation or nuclear safety. The fire was correctly detected by sensor EPS and fire brigade acted quickly and well. During the event there was no injury of persons or damage to the environment or violation of nuclear safety. According to the international Nuclear Event Scale this event is out of scale.

Location: DUKOVANY-1
Event date: Fri, 06-10-2000
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