Safe shutdown of Kalpakkam-2 reactor due to seawater entry into pump house

The Tsunami waves caused by the massive earthquake hit the east coast of India on the morning of 26th December 2004. At the time of the incident, Unit-2 (Kalpakkam-2) of Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS), which is located on the eastern coast, was operating at the authorised power. At 0915 hrs, following entry of seawater in the pump house, the unit was tripped and the reactor was brought to safe shutdown state.

Unit-1 of MAPS (Kalpakkam-1) has been under long shutdown since August 2003.

There has been no release or discharge of radioactivity from the plant. The event is rated at level-0 on INES.

Location: KALPAKKAM-2
Event date: Sun, 26-12-2004
Nuclear event report
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