Discovery of orphan source in a steel mill

On 9 May, a portal monitor alarm was triggered when a truck loaded with scrap from Kenitra (Morocco) came into Siderúrgica Sevillana (a steel manufacturing facility). The truck was isolated within the facility in an area with restricted access to people.

The next day, a company dedicated to radiation protection, segregated and characterized the radioactive material. The characterization report was sent to the CSN on May the 28th. It was found that the radioactive material was an industrial processes gauge, in bad condition and without identification labels. This device contained a radioactive source of cesium-137. The activity was estimated based on the dose rates at different distances. The estimated value of the activity was 100 GBq of Cesium-137 (Category III according to the IAEA classification)

Location: Alcal
Event date: Wed, 09-05-2012
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