Contaminated water leakage from a water tank

?Regarding the contaminated water leakage from a water tank in the H4 Tank Area at Fukushima Daiichi NPS that was detected on August 19, radioactivities in the leaked water in the dike were found to be:
- Cesium-134: 4.6×101 Bq/cm3
- Cesium-137: 1.0×102 Bq/cm3
- β emitting radionuclides in total: 8.0×104 Bq/cm3
?The amount of the leaked water is estimated to be approximately 300m3, judging from the decrease of water level in the water tank in question.
?No significant increase in radioactivities was detected in the seawater near the ditch, while high airdose rates were observed in the ditch that flows into the sea.

Event date: Mon, 19-08-2013
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