Adder: Nuclear Monitor, juli 1997

Plaats: Washington DC, VS
Datum: 1 juli 1997
Temelin BlockadeMichel Mariotte
Temelin blockade. And how Westinghouse and U.S. taxpayers caused the rebirth ofMariotte, Michael
Eye on Westinghouse
Eye on Westinghouse
Nuclear notes: ten-fold increade in Strontium-90 among children in S-Germany
Nuclear notes: the stockpiling of potassium iodide
Nuclear notes: study indicitates nearly all Americans received radiation exposur
Dr. Jay Gould is seeking baby teeth from children
The NRC staff has reversed its long-held position
The National Cancer Institute has realeased portions of a study
Don't count on the NRC to address issues involving utility
Nuclear notes: Conneticut: Millstone reactors
Nuclear notes: Louisiana: Louisiana Energy Services
Nuclear Notes: Utah: Private Fuel Storage
Nuclear notes: France: Superphenix
Nuclear notes: France: Cogema
Nuclear notes: Germany: CASTOR radioactive waste casks
Nuclear notes: Korea: Korea Federation of Environmental Movement
Connecticut: An amazing victory for Connecticut ratepayers
Utah: the NRC is moving ahead with consideration
France: France's love affair with nuclear power continues to fade
Meanwhile, beaches in Normandy near the Cogema
Germany: the German government seems to have learned
Korea: 4000 people turned out to protest
Nuclear notes: Russia: Siemens, Sylvania, Bosch and Osram.
Nuclear notes: South Africa: Twenty-two metal drums were found to be leaking
MOX update: Two new bidders for MOX contracts
MOX update: Nat'l MOX conference sept. 27-28
Russia: Russian environmental groups, along with organizations
South Africa: the nation's main radioactive waste dump
Two new bidders for MOX contracts
Rostov camp attacked
Grant money for anti-MOX work
Rostov camp attacked
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