Adder: Nuclear Monitor, december 2006

Plaats: Washington DC, VS
Datum: 15 december 2006
Bulgaria tries to abuse kozloduy 3 and 4 closures (650.5767) WISE Czech Republik
Areva: Olkiluoto-3 not "A bag of chips" (650.5768) Wise Amsterdam
PFS: Hard won victory against environmentally racist nuke waste dump targeted on (650.5769) NIRS
USA: Victory against plutonium State Park at Big Rock (for now, at least)! Kevin Kamps, NIRS, 13 December 2007
2006 nuclear-free future resistance award: Sun Xiaodi (650.5770) Nuclear Free Future Award
Uranium mining issues review 2006 (650.5771) Peter Diehl
Pro-nuclear lobby active in European parliament (650.5772) CEO
Atomstroyexport/ Areva to build AES-92 in Belene (650.5773) WISE Czech Republik
Italy signs reprocessing contract with France (650.5774) Laka Foundation
BNG, guilty of serious faults and failures fined £500,000 for THORP accident (650.5775) Laka Foundation
Review of nuclear power is not the answer
Did Isreal use experimental bombs with (enriched) uranium in Lebanon? (650.5776) Laka Foundation
61% of Americans think nuclear power is too costly and too far in the future Renew, the NATTA newsletter, Nov/Dec 2006
Chernobyl officials nearing decisision on shelter bid Kyiv Post, 1 December 2006
Austrian protesters block Czech border AFP, 3 December 2006
US Senate approved US-India nuclear deal Nuclear News Flashes, 11 December 2006
Sweden: Ringhals not only troubled by burned transformer Nuclear News Flashes, December 12, 2006
Piketon enrichment plant: Costs significantly higher Associated Press, 14 November 2006
Japan's Rokkasho reprocessing plant has produced it's first MOX Nuclear News Flashes, 2 November 2006
Howard doesn't care about own population being anti-nuclear The Australian, 7 November 2006
Poland eager to join Baltic nuclear energy plans Nuclear News Flashes, 11 December 2006
UK: NDA responsible for geological disposal CORE Press release, 26 October 2006
UK: 21% support building reactor within 65 miles of their home Nuclear News Flashes, 20 November 2006
USA: Yucca Mountain WNA News Briefing, 5 December 2006
China: Experimental reprocessing plant opened WNA News Briefing 18-24 October 2006
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