Adder: Nuclear Monitor, juli 2007

Plaats: Washington DC, VS
Datum: 13 juli 2007
Indigenous people in Canada resists uranium exploration Ottawa Citizen 8 July 2007
Germany: Fire did affect nuclear reactor; Phase-out plans to stay Spiegel Online 4 July 2007
Scotland opts out of new waste consultation N-Base Briefing 532, 1 July 2007
No decision yet on nuclear power, but go-ahead to 4 nuclear reactor designs Dow Jones, 5 July 2007
Euratom: Countries free to step out Stockinger, Heinz
Nomadic rebels in Niger attacked uranium mining firms (658.5819) Laka Foundation
Uranium price
IAEA celebrating it's 50th birthday: Budget "far from adequate" Arms Control Today, July/ August 2007
UK: Bombers has Sizewell B plans WNN, 11 July 2007
Canada: 32 radioactive devices missing Associated Press, 7 July 2007
Australia: Opened Howard the door to nuke dump? Indymedia Perth, 4 July 2007
Waste coming back from Peru to Dounreay N-Base Briefing 531, 23 June 2007
No agreement on Lithuania-3 Reuters, 6 July 2007
Indonesians say 'no' to nuclear plant The Jakarta Post, 13 June 2007
LANL plutonium reported in Santa Fe drinking water Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety News Update, 6/7/2007
Turkey: First set back to nuclear renaissance in Middle East E-Mail from GP Med, 25 May 2007
New Book: "Updating International Nuclear Law"
Conference ' Science or fiction: Is there a future for nulear?"
Iran and Russia dispute Bushehr startup WNN, 6 July 2007
Chernobyl shelter completed Nuclear Engineering International, 27 May 2007
Australia: 1980's secret enrichment program revealed ABC News Online, 14 June 2007
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