Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, juni 2004

Plaats: London, UK
Australia: Laramide Resources Ltd of Canada has entered into an option agreement 1 junLaramide Rsources, 10 June
Production of uranium at US mines fell by 9% to 2.2 million pounds U3O8 2 jun
The federal Court of Appeal has overturned the September 2002 decision 2 jun
The operating licence of Rio Algom Ltd's waste facility will be amended 2 jun
The Department of Commerce (DOC) has delayed the date when it will publish 2 jun
An 18.75% share in the Catawba-1 nuclear power reactor is being offered for sale 2 jun
The transfer of the operating licence for the R E Ginna nuclear power plant 2 jun
The potential sale of equipment from the uncompleted Juragua 2 jun
Framatome ANP has been awarded a EUR44 million (US$54 million) contract 2 jun
Rising uncertainty with regard to oil production and soaring prices+ 2 jun
A declaration calling for the European Union (EU) to reconsider 2 jun
Transnuclear Inc - an Areva subsidiary - has been awarded a contract 2 jun
Ontario Power Generation's (OPG's) proposed expansion 2 jun
Spent fuel shipments to Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd's (JNFL's) Rokkasho 2 jun
Residents of 10 counties submitted bids to host 2 jun
The Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a final Request for Proposals 2 jun
US: Constellation Energy has completed its acquisition of the R E Ginna... 9 junConstellation Energy, 10 June
US: The transfer of the operating licence for the Kewaunee nuclear power plant 9 junNuclear Market Review, 11 Jun, p2; Ux Weekly, 14 June, p3
Finland: Approval for the construction of the country's fifth nuclear power ... 9 junUx Weekly, 14 June, p3
Germany: A public opinion poll showed that 47% of respondents... 9 junUx Weekly, 14 June, p3
Slovakia: Minister of economy, Pavol Rusko, wants to discuss ... 9 junNucleonics Week, 10 June, p13; Energy in East Europe, 11 Jun
The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (HAEA) expects to act on a request ... 9 junEnergy in East Europe, 11 June, p17
Ukraine: Fuel loading at the Khmelnitski-2 nuclear power reactor... 9 junEnergy in East Europe, 11 June, p23
Ukraine: Lifetime operating licences for all of the country's nuclear power pla. 9 junNucleonics Week, 10 June, p8
South Africa: A program to develop human capital and improve research... 9 junFreshFUEL, 14 June, p3; Nuclear Market Review, 11 June, p3
Canada: Three plans for the long-term management of the country's radioactive... 9 junSpentFUEL, 14 June, p2; Ux Weeekly, 14 June, p5
Switzerland: A final legal step in gaining national acceptance... 9 junNucleonics Week, 10 June, p9
Germany: Energie Baden-Wurttemberg (EnBW) will file a legal complaint ... 9 junUnility Week, 11 June, p10
Russia: Documents for registration of the merger of OMZ and Siloviye Mashiny... 9 junNucleonics Week, 10 June, p8
Iran's 'changing an at times contradictory' stories about its nuclear program... 9 junInternational Herald Tribune, 15 June, p4; Guardian, 15 J...
US: Strathmore Minerals Corp has agreed to acquire the Copper Mountain claims...16 junStrathmore, 17 June
Cameco, Areva and RWE Nukem have signed an amendment ...16 junCameco, Areva & RWE Nukem, 16 June
US: Progress Energy is joining the NuStart Energy Development LLC...16 junPlatts Nuclear News Flashes, 21 June
Canada: Ontario's Energy Minister, Dwight Duncan, has proposed the creation...16 junFreshFUEL, 21 June, p3; Ux Weekly 21 June, p4
France: Electricite de France (EdF) anticipates forming an industrial partner...16 junNucleonics Week, 17 June, p1
Russia: Inspections of the country's commercial nuclear power program...16 junFreshFUEL, 21 June, p3
US: Nuclear generators in most states will not have a place to dispose ...16 junNucleonics Week, 17 June, p10
US: Some 33% of a random sampling of registered voters in Nevada approve...16 junUx Weekly, 21 June, p5
Sweden: A recent public opinion poll shows continued support ...16 junSKB, 11 June
UK: Trade & Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt has agreed the appointment16 junDTI, 18 June
UK: British Energy (BE) reported a profit before exceptional items...16 junBritish Energy, 17 June; Financial Times, 18 June, p23; ...
Iran is failing to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),16 junFinancial Times, 19 June, p11; BBC News Online, 18 and 19 ..
Armenia: The operating licence of the Metsamor nuclear power plant...16 junUx Weekly, 21 June, p4
The Chapelcross nuclear power plant shut down on 29 June23 jun
World nuclear power generation in 2003 was about 2525 TWh23 jun
The Euratom Supply Agency (ESA) has published its annual report for 200323 jun
72% of Americans consider their nearest nuclear power plant as reliable23 jun
Ontario Power Generation's (OPG) board of directors has recommended23 jun
Nuclear power must be used as part of a developing energy mix23 jun
On 22 June, the board of directors of Electricite de France (EDF) approved23 jun
Belarus may consider the construction of a nuclear power plant23 jun
The government is considering selling off stakes23 jun
Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) has restarted its Kashiwazaki-Kariwa-223 jun
European Union (EU) leaders, meeting last week to reform23 jun
Iran will resume making, assembling and testing centrifuges23 jun
Cameco Corp's proposed construction and/or modification30 jun
The Department of Commerce (DOC) annnounced the results30 jun
Some 50% of Finns support the use of nuclear power30 jun
Hot tests commenced at the Khmelnitsk1-2 nuclear power reactor30 jun
Electricite de France (EDF) is designing a major modelling tool30 jun
Energie Baden-Wurttemberg (EnBW) has, as threatened30 jun
The government is preparing to propose changes30 jun
A Ukrainian-Russian consortium has been selected30 jun
The Department of Energy (DOE) certified30 jun
The government has approved the construction30 jun
Energoatom has selected four companies for further participation30 jun
Legislation currently under review would establish a five-step, 10-year30 jun
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