Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, juli 2004

Plaats: London, UK
Bulgaria: The government has agreed to plan for the construction ... 7 julEnergy in East Europe, 9 July, p3
Canada: Ontario's government has endorsed the decision ... 7 julOPG, 7 July; Ontario Ministry of Energy, 7 July;Nucleonics..
The latest edition of the 'Red Book' has been published ... 7 julUx Weekly, 12 July, p2; FreshFUEL, 12 July, p1
Democratic Republic of Congo: At least nime people were killed... 7 julBBC News Online, 12 July; Int. Herald Tribune, 13 July, p8
Brazil will begin preliminary tests on the first unit of its industrial-scale... 7 julNucNet News, 147/04, 8 July
Australia: Silex Systems Ltd announced that its silicon laser enrichment... 7 julSilex, 5 July
US: The proposed 20-year operating licence extensions for Exelon's ... 7 julSpentFUEL, 12 July, p5; Ux Weekly, 12 July, p3
UK: Prime Minister Tony Blair indicated that the government was reconsidering... 7 julThe Guardian, 7 July, p1; BBC News Online, 8 July
Ukraine: The European Bank for Recontruction & Development (EBRD) has approved.. 7 julNuclear Market Review, 9 July, p3; Nucleonics Week, 8 July..
US: Arguments by the state of Nevada that the Bush administration's approval ... 7 julNEI InfoWire, 9 July; SpentFUEL - extra, 12 July; Nuclear...
Germany: A decision announced on 7 July by the European Commision (EC)... 7 julNucleonics Week, 8 July, p1
France: The National Assembly voted in favour of a reform law... 7 julUx Weekly, 5 July, p4
Mongolia: International Uranium Corp (IUC) has added six ...14 julInternational Uranium Corp, 15 July
Kyrgyzstan: A government-backed commission has approved a project...14 julNuclear Market Review, 16 July, p2; Ux Weekly,19 July, p5
US: A request by Nuclear Management Co (NMC) to raise the generating capacity...14 julNuclear Market Review, 16 July, p3; SpentJuel, 19 July, p6
US: The Nuclear Regulatory Commision (NRC) expects 12 new applications ...14 julNucleonics Week, 15 July, p3
US: Two missing fuel rod pieces at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant ...14 julReuters, 16 July; Platts Nuclear News Flashes, 16 July
France: The regional government of Rhone-Alpes has voted narrowly against ...14 julNuclonics Week, 15 July, p10
Netherlands: A study related to the introduction of new nuclear capacity ...14 julNucNet News, 151/04, 20 July
Ukraine: Fuel loading of the new Khmelnitsky-2 ...14 julEuropean Commission, 20 July
Switserland: Projected costs for decommisioning...14 julNucleonics Week, 15 July, p2
US: The trial to determine the monetary damages to three Yankee ...14 julSpentFUEL, 19 July, p2
Australia: The government has abondoned plans to site ...14 julPrime Minister of Australia Media Release, 14 July
US: Work at the Los Alamos nuclear research facility has been suspended14 julFinancial Times, 20 July, p8
The State Council has approved to projects involving the construction21 jul
Cameco Corp has been issued with a uranium mine construction licence21 jul
The Department of Energy (DOE) issued two Records of Decision21 jul
An accurate terrorist attack on one of the country's nuclear plants21 jul
Electricite de France (EDF) has postponed a decision on a site21 jul
The request by Paks NPP for permission to restart the Paks-221 jul
The first phase of a three-step program toward increasing21 jul
The Nuclear Regulatory Commision (NRC) may have to delay its evaluation21 jul
The government announced that a new state-owned company21 jul
Two equity holders in British Energy (BE)21 jul
Australia's uranium production for the first half of 2004 was a record28 jul
The Department of Commerce (DOC) issued its final results28 jul
The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed an earlier decision28 jul
Dominion Energy does not now expect its purchase of the Kewaunee28 jul
Arizona Public Service (APS) is seeking approval28 jul
Union Fenosa has withdrawn its appeal of a government decision28 jul
Design and preparatory work for a proposed new fast reactor28 jul
Deliquescence-induced locolised corrosion is unlikely to occur28 jul
A recent poll of Nevada residents has found a slight increase in support28 jul
USEC Inc has entered into an agreement with Pinnacle West Capital Corp28 jul
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a US District Court ruling28 jul
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has indicated that new listing rules28 jul
Areva has signed a series of contracts with Dutch, German and Swiss28 jul
Bids for a 66% share in national utlity Slovenske Elektrarne28 jul
The planned merger between OMZ and Siloviye Mashiny (SM)28 jul
Talks between Iran and the UK, France and Germany aimed at restarting28 jul
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