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Possible role of nuclear in the Dutch energy mix in the future

AuteurENCO, B.Tomic, M.Van der Borst
Datumseptember 2020
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This report is commissioned by Ministry of Economic                This report is intended to give an overview of the
Affairs and Climate Policy of the Netherlands in                   various aspects of nuclear energy and the possible role
response to motion Yeşilgöz‐Zegerius/Mulder                        in the Dutch energy mix in 2050. A series of questions
(2018/2019 35167NR15) of the House of                              covering specific aspects has been identified, answers
Representatives, to explore the possible role of                   to those is meant to establish a broad picture and help
nuclear energy in the future energy‐mix in the                     in understanding the issues. The Study’s scope was not
Netherlands and to identify the costs and conditions               to carry out new research, neither on the international
related to the construction of new nuclear power                   nor on the Dutch‐specific circumstances, but rather to
plants in other countries.                                         critically assess and compile information from
                                                                   numerous studies and reports, and to put those in the
The EU is embarking on the European “Green Deal”,                  specific Dutch perspective. The Study considered the
with the target to be “climate neutral” by 2050. With              position of various bodies dealing with nuclear power,
75% of EU greenhouse gas emissions coming from                     but also took note of various other elements such as
production and use of energy, and system challenges                national plans and arguments as well as of roles of
when the Variable Renewable Energy (VRE)                          other technologies, in particular VREs. The Study is
contribution passes certain thresholds (both in system             based on a range of sources of information, in
control and assurance of availability of power on 24/7             particular those compiled by reputable international
basis), all possible energy sources warrant a new look.            organisations.
Facing the need for a drastic reduction of CO2
emissions, the potential role of nuclear energy for the            To achieve its aims, the Study addresses issues and
Netherlands in 2050 has been raised by the Dutch                   questions relevant for understanding the context and
parliament. The interest is mainly in a possible role of           specific matters of relevance. In addition to a
nuclear energy in the Dutch energy mix. The Dutch                  literature review of recent information on nuclear
parliament is particularly interested in the current               energy, specifically for the Netherlands, the Study also
position regarding nuclear energy amongst                          examines the costs of electricity from nuclear power
international organisations and the meaning behind;                plants and other low‐carbon electricity sources. The
“ever increasing costs and schedules for construction              report provides insight into the costs associated with
of nuclear plants“.                                                system challenges as a result of a high proportion of