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Ban uranium weapons November 6 Panel: On the precautionary principle the DU Draft Convenion the burden of proof and the ICRP

AuteurLaka, K.Baverstock, M.Mohr, ICBUW
Datumjuni 2004

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On the Precautionary Principle
the DU Draft Convention
the burden of proof
and the ICRP

With presentations by:
Dr. Keith Baverstock
Prof. Dr. Mantred Mohr
Mr. Wim van den Burg
Miss Krista van Velzen


Since the 1991 GulfWar, the US and the UK have used depleted uranium weapons. Soldiers
and civilians have since developed mysterieus diseases, but are left completely alone by the
authorities. In 2003, the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW) was
founded. ICBUW facilitates cooperation between a number of organisations opposing the
use of depleted uranium (OU) and promotas the OU Draft Convention to ban these weapons.
This panel was the first event organised by the Dutch branch of ICBUW. The presentations
and the ensuing discussion were quite fruitful. Dr. Keith Baverstock, a prominent scientist,
gave a critlcal view on the mainstream interpretation of OU risks, in particular on the
regulations of the ICRP, the official radlation institute. Prof. Dr. Mantred Mohr explained the
OU Draft Convention and suggested possible ways to move forward. The two other
panellists, Mr. Wim van den Burg, who is the chair of a trade union for military personnel, and
Miss Krista van Velzen, a member of parliament, described their concerns about OU.
On the basis of this discussion ICBUW Netherlands concluded that cooperation between
various interestad parties seems possible. Scientists, legal experts, military unions and
politiclans agree that OU should be banned.
The subject of the panel was the precautionary principle. Besides this, many other interesting
issues were raised. Among them, the question of proef and the reliability of the ICRP. These
issues need to be looked at more closely in the future.
The use of OU has to stop. Civilians and the military suffer unnecessarily. Although one
cannot know at what point OU will be rejected or its acceptance stopped, it is clear that every
small step can help.