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National report for the Council Directive 2011/70/Euratom

AuteurMin. I&W, ANVS
Datumjuli 2021
Classificatie (AFVAL - RICHTLIJN 2011/70/EURATOM)
Opmerking Derde nationale rapportage Richtlijn 2011/70/Euratom. Begeleidende Kamerbrief:

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National report for the Council Directive 2011/70/Euratom

                  Article 14.1 of the Council Directive 2011/70/EURATOM establishing a Community framework for the responsible and
                  safe management of spent fuel and radioactive waste, requires Member States to report on how they have fulfilled their
                  obligations as formulated by the articles of the Directive.

                  This third National Report of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The structure of the report reflects the articles of the
                  Directive and closely follows the ‘European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group’ (ENSREG) guidelines regarding Member
                  States Reports to the Council Directive.

                  This report has been prepared by the Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection, the ANVS, and the
                  Directorate-general for Environment and International Affairs (DGMI) of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water