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Plutonium Investigation. Dossier on The Netherlands

AuteurWISE Paris
Datumfebruari 1999

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Plutonium Investigation
Dossier on The Netherlands
special of Plutonium Investigation
february 1999

NOTE: This issue of Plutonium Investigation is partly based on two earlier 
reports by WISE-Paris: "Dutch Plutonium and the French Nuclear Weapon Program", 
January 1996, and "The Dutch Plutonium Dead-End", September 1997.

Key words in the Dutch energy policy are 'reliable, affordable and clean'. At the
moment, [our] main attention is given to energy conservation, renewable energy 
and the liberalisation of both the electricity market and the market for natural 
gas". In his statement before the General Conference of the International Atomic
Energy Agency (IAEA) in September 1998, Ambassador Hans Forster, Head of the 
delegation of Netherlands, implicitly mentioned the nuclear phase-out which his 
country is enacting. Currently, the main (remaining) objective of the Dutch 
nuclear industry is the safe management of nuclear waste.