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1977-2019 TMI Alert. Four Decades of Vigilance

AuteurTMI Alert
Datummaart 2019
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TMI Alert
Four Decades of Vigilance

Press Packet prepared by TMI Alert in
Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the
Beginning of the Three Mile Island Unit 2 Accident
March 2019

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the accident at Three Mile Island. While we
won’t be celebrating the anniversary of the accident, we will observe it in an appropriate manner.
Nevertheless, we in central Pennsylvania have reason to celebrate.

Central Pennsylvanians, through Three Mile Island Alert and through other individual and
collective efforts, have made the world a safer place. Thanks to our continuous vigilance and
determination, we can point to many advances in the last 40 years:

• Training for nuclear plant operators has been improved;
• Emergency training for first responders has been improved;
• Communication between plant operators and all levels of government has been improved;
• Security around the plants has been strengthened;
• Those in and around nuclear plants have been provided with potassium iodide tablets;
• Evacuation plans have been improved and now include day care facilities and pre-schools;
• The lessons learned from TMI have been shared and implemented world wide;
• We have on-going dialog with the plant operators and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; and,
• We have championed the development of alternative and renewable energy sources.

Still, clouds of doubt remain and we must remain vigilant. Funds established to finance the
decommissioning of these aging plants are under funded; there’s still no repository for nuclear
waste and each operating nuclear plant is a dangerous waste site; health issues will persist for
generations to come; and political pressure is mounting to once again bail out Three Mile Island
and other failing nuclear plants in Pennsylvania. While we have accomplished much, much
remains to be done before we put an end to our nuclear nightmare.