Object: Retrieval of Co-60 orphan source at Genoa port coming from Senegal.

On the 30th of July 2014, at the port of Genova Voltri, radiometric investigation revealed abnormal levels of radiation inside the container of metal scraps MRKU8395940, coming from Senegal, shipped by a company based in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates).
Specifically the dose rate on contact with the container result equal to 2,3 microSievert/h and rapidly decrease to a value of 0,15 microSievert/h at 20 cm from the container, and comparable with the local natural background (0,05 microSievert/h) at 1 meter from the container. Spectroscopic analysis revealed the presence of Co-60.
The container has been placed in a safety condition in a secure area of the terminal VTE and it does not entail a significant radiological risk for the operators of Voltri Terminal Europa or the population.
The local authorities have decided, according to the national legislative provision on the matter, art.157 D. Lgs n. 230/1995, not to allow the container to enter in Italy and to return it to the shipped company based in United Arab Emirates.

Location: Genoa Voltri Port
Event date: Wed, 30-07-2014
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