INES Levels

INES 1: Anomaly

Impact on Defence-in-Depth
  • Overexposure of a member of the public in excess of statutory ­annual limits.
  • Minor problems with safety components with significant defence-in-depth remaining.
  • Low activity lost or stolen radioactive source, device or transport package.
(Arrangements for reporting minor events to the public differ from country to country. Also, it is difficult to ensure precise consistency in rating events between INES Level-1 and Below scale/Level-0)
Legenda & explanation
date title location 
2020-10-03Stolen Radiography CameraMexicoCalpulalpan- Texcoco road (Km 59) / Transport
2019-12-12Discovered Ra-226 source in transport container containing scrap metal.NorwayHermod Teigen AS, Egersund, Norway
2019-10-01Theft and recovery of a moisture/density gaugeSlovakiaBratislava-Podunajské Biskupice
2019-06-26Loss and subsequent recovery of a radiography device containing sourceIndiaChakan, Pune
2019-01-21Drop of a source into a logging wellHungaryPécs
2019-01-16Loss and subsequent recovery of a radioactive sourceIndiaRajahmundry, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
2019-01-14Lost and Subsequent Recovery of a Radioactive SourcePakistanWajedo International Corporation (Private) Limited
2019-01-11Co60 source discovered in a scrap metal deliveryGermanyPort of Hamburg
2018-12-18Missing Tc-99m GeneratorSwitzerlandSion, nuclear medicine institute
2018-09-21Am-241 source meltingFinlandFinnish steel factory
2018-09-15Am-241 source meltingFinlandFinnish steel factory
2018-07-26Am-241 source meltingFinlandFinnish steel factory
2018-07-06Stolen industrial radiography device in Mexico CityMexicoMexico City
2018-06-26Am-241 source meltingFinlandFinnish steel factory
2018-02-08Stolen Moisture/Density Gauge in León, GuanajuatoMexicoComunidad Santa Ana del Conde, León, Guanajuato.
2017-10-16Stolen and recovered radioagraphy cameraMexicoTepic, Nayarit
2017-08-01Stolen radioactive materialMexicoSan Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo León
2017-04-14Stolen gamma densitometerFranceSouth of France / Valérian Company
2017-02-13Stolen source in San Juan del Río, Queretaro, MexicoMexicoSan Juan del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico
2017-01-23Stolen and recovered nuclear densimeterMexicoCiudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico
2016-12-31Overexposure to RadiographerUnited States of AmericaTulsa, Oklahoma/Tulsa Gamma Ray
2016-10-24Fuel fail and emission from research reactorNorwayInstitute for Energy Technology, Halden
2016-08-25Loss of a device containing radioactive sourcesPolandBoguszow-Gorce, Poland
2016-08-05Stolen Source at Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, MexicoMexicoCiudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico
2016-03-07A sealed radioactive Cs-137 source contaminated the premises of waste management companyFinlandwaste management company
2015-12-15Loss of radioactive source (Cs-137, Bac Kan, 2015)Viet NamBac Kan cement company/Bac Kan province
2015-07-15Theft of a device containig radioactive sourcePolandZabrze
2015-05-20Orphan source foundThe Former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaAS Bosfor DOOEL Skopje-Metal Scrap Yard
2015-05-15Eu-152 lightning rods found in metal scrapThe Former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaPAVOR DOOEL SKOPJE, Scrap Metal Yard Veles
2015-04-14Missing Dangerous Source at Cárdenas, Tabasco, MéxicoMexicoCárdenas, Tabasco, México