Radiation Leakage from Brachytherapy Machine

The Brachytherapy machine became out of order in September 2009. The Bio-medical Engineering Department of the hospital explored to obtain maintenance support from the manufacturer for the repair of the machine but the same could not be arranged and machine remained out of use and was kept safe and secure in its bunker. In February 2014, during a routine check of the machine condition, the machine showed radiation leakage in the bunker room. It was suspected that the source pellet, while returning from the intermediate safe to the main safe mode, got stuck in the passage. According to the licensee, incident did not result in over exposure to the workers or the general public as the room was vacated promptly after quick radiation survey and the bunker was locked. Outside, the radiation level was within 1 µSv per hour.

As per PNRA directions, Brachytherapy machine is now not in use and measures have been taken to secure the area and strict surveillance is ensured. The management of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital has now decided to dispose-off the machine.

Location: Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi
Event date: Wed, 12-02-2014
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