Exposure to Worker in Excess of Administrative Limit

On May 04, 2014, C-1 was in shutdown state and maintenance activities were being performed during refueling outage. A worker belonging to Electrical Maintenance Division entered in restricted area of Reactor Building for a maintenance job on Containment Reactor Coolant Drain System (SRD) pumps. This area was already cordoned off and entry was restricted by Health Physics Division owing to the fact that dose rate was high due to placement of In-Core Neutron Flux Monitoring System Thimbles. The worker received a dose of 8.5 mSv which is above the administrative limit set by the plant i.e. 7.5 mSv. The area was locked after this event and the worker was withdrawn from the radiation jobs till December 2014 considering his annual dose record.

Location: CHASNUPP-1 (C-1)
Event date: Sun, 04-05-2014
Nuclear event report
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