Stolen radioactive sources

On the 6th of March 2015 total of 22 containers with Co-60 category 5 (activity between 40 MBq and 200 MBq on 2015-03-06) radioactive sources were reported stolen from a storehouse in Poznan. On the 10th of April the licensee informed that 7 of the containers previously reported stolen have remained intact inside the storehouse. Aggregated activity of the stolen sources equals about 1,7 GBq.
Between the 8th and the 10th of April 8 of the stolen sources were discovered by the police in Poznan. Individuals who stole the sources have dismantled shielding containers in order to sell those for scrap. Some of the sources are damaged and caused spot contamination (inside a workshop building and some soil outside, no contamination of people was detected). The 8 radioactive sources, which were found in Poznan, have been secured. Contaminated soil has been also removed. Decontamination of the workshop building is in progress. No contamination of people nor deterministic effects were detected. Doses to individuals are being determined by using biological retrospective dosimetry but due to low dose rates significant overexposures are highly improbable.
Location of 7 stolen sources remains unknown. Further investigation to determine the course of events and the current location of remaining stolen sources is carried out by the police.

Location: Poznan
Event date: Fri, 06-03-2015
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